What does heartburn feels like?


What does heartburn feels like is a question that commonly crosses a person’s mind. People want to decipher if awhat they are feeling can be termed as heartburn or not! Heartburn or acidity is common ailments that people suffer from these days owing to the kind of lifestyle they lead. Factors like eating habits, lack of exercise, stress and excessive intake of alcohol can play key role in producing excess acid in the stomach which is the basic cause for heartburn or acidity.

Symptoms- what does heartburn feels like?

Heartburn causes a person to feel a burning sensation in the esophagus or the food pipe. The area in the chest behind the breast bone is the area affected. A person feels the food or the gastric juices rising in the food pipe and sometimes bringing a bad flavor in the mouth.

heartburn feel like

A feeling of pressure or pain can be felt sometimes due to heartburn. This is most common after a couple of hours of food intake. The bad taste in the mouth is due to the excessive stomach acid which is left after the food has reacted with a certain amount of stomach acids. This excess acid rises up the food pipe and gives a bitter or a sour or sometimes hot taste in the mouth. Persons suffering from heartburn sometimes do not feel any burning sensation in the chest but can just experience the pain in the chest region. Some people suffer from excessive perspiration and doubt it for heart related chest pain. Such persons wonder what does heartburn feels like. They must inform themselves about the symptoms of heartburn and consult their doctor if the symptoms continue or get worsen.

Treatment- what does heartburn feel like

Heartburn can be treated by following simple methods of eating in a healthy fashion and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes trying to keep stress at bay as stress and anxiety can be total killers for the digestive system. Stress causes lesser blood flowing in towards the stomach and hence can hamper the efficiency of the digestive system. Healthy eating habits include eating not very spicy or oily foods and avoiding foods that do not agree with one’s system. Eating smaller and frequent meals also helps people who easily develop acidity after eating. Prevention is actually the key here. Apart from eating in a healthy manner one must also avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Moderate and regular exercise goes a long way in keeping the digestive system healthy. Try to inculcate at least 30 minutes of physical activity in your daily life. Persons who are prone to getting frequent heartburn episodes or suffer from GERD can also consult their physician for medical intervention.


Antacids and other such drugs come pretty handy in tackling mild episodes of heartburn or acidity. It is advisable to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day to keep the system up and running. If you are still wondering what does heartburn feels like, get help from your doctor!

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